As a gardener having a grow light is a really great tool, you can use them for seed starting in the spring before you’re able to start working in the dirt outside. This Bamboo LED grow light is so stylish you might just want to leave it set up indoors year round for your houseplants or if you have a small indoor herb garden.bamboo-LED-growlight

Product: Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden
Price: $299.00
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My Rating: 4 out of 5

Bamboo LED Growlight Overview

This grow light would be a great addition to any home whether you’re using it to start seeds in the spring or have indoor plants that could use a little extra light. This particular Bamboo LED Growlight is a small table-top version, it’s compact size is great for seedlings, low growing herbs, succulents and houseplants. It is just over a foot and a half tall so if you have the counter space it could potentially sit in your kitchen, giving your herb garden a practical place to live so you can easily grab them to add to your cooking.

The LED lights in this model are high-output so plants get exactly what they need. These lights are twice as bright as standard LED lights resulting in seedlings growing 2-4 times faster. Being LED lights also means that they are energy efficient and should last for a very long time.

The frame is made of bamboo which means its not only stylish it’s also sustainable. One of the best things about this frame in my opinion is that it’s stackable if you decide to purchase more than one. This light also has an optional rolling base that can be purchased separately. Which would come in handy if you do decide to stack units on top of one another, making it easy to move around when needed.

The unit also comes with a galvanized metal base tray, this means that the tray won’t rust after the inevitable water spill. The tray is also designed to contain those water spills when they happen so it won’t make a big mess all over your counter.

Why Should you use a Grow Light?

Bamboo-LED-Growlight-with-plantsI personally love grow lights because while living in Southeast Alaska the growing season can be short, by using a grow light it gave my veggies a head start, and made my growing season just a little longer. This ensured my seedlings would have plenty of time to grow and mature to produce vegetables during the summer months. By using a grow light for your seedlings you are guaranteeing that they get the right type of light to grow properly. I like to set up my grow light on a timer so that they also get the optimal day length and there is no remembering to plug and unplug your light.

If you don’t garden, or don’t plan on starting seeds indoors for your garden, your houseplants can benefit from a grow light. This light is good for smaller plants and most succulents. While there are plenty of plants that thrive in low light areas there are also lots that require direct sunlight, this is where a grow light would come in. Many of our homes are in shady areas and don’t get the sunlight required for some plants, if you’d like to keep these sun loving plants in your home a grow light will be an important investment. The use of a grow light with some houseplants may also make them more likely to flower.


There are many pros for this grow light, the frame is sustainable, constructed of bamboo and it looks stylish enough to use year round for seedlings and houseplants.

The frame is also stackable, which is great if you have a lot of plants that you’d like to keep under a light. It also has an optional rolling base for purchase making it easily movable if units are stacked.

The LED lights that come with this model are brighter than your typical LED which ensures your plants will get all the light they need and help them to grow faster.

There is a galvanized metal base tray, which means you don’t have to worry about water spills leaking onto your table or counter and you also don’t need to worry about the tray rusting.

The size of this light is ideal for small spaces.


The one downfall of this unit is in the construction of it. This unit needs to be assembled once you receive it and it tends to take a little longer to put the unit together than you might expect. The biggest complaint is that not all the holes line up making the construction a little more difficult, it may be easily fixed if you have a drill handy and can re-drill a hole when needed. But this also adds to the frustration when assembling something, since generally you don’t expect to need to do this and want everything to line up properly the first time.

Bamboo-LED-Grow-LightFinal Thoughts

Overall this is a great little grow light, it can be used in small spaces, it’s functional and stylish and has some great features like extra bright LED lights and a galvanized metal base tray. Even though putting the unit together may cause a slight headache and pieces may not seem to go together, once it’s assembled I do believe you will be very happy. This product will help you start your seedlings for your summer garden, keep your inside herb garden growing all year or your houseplants healthy. Whatever you choose to use it for it is a great unit for what you’re getting.

  1. This light looks so handy! I can’t grow plants in my apartment because none of the available windows get any sunlight. The one that does get light doesn’t get it for long, so I’m out of luck that way.
    I’m not sure what kind of plants I’d get to go under the bamboo light, though. I’m so good at killing them, I’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    • The houseplants that I started with were pretty hardy because I tend to neglect watering them for long periods. I would recommend an ivy, Christmas cactus or succulent, just be careful not to over water the succulents or cactus, they like to be forgotten about 🙂

  2. Hi Emily,
    What a thorough post about Bamboo LED Light review.
    This is very helpful, and it will help people who are looking to grow their houseplants take an informed decision while weighing the pros and cons of it. Thank you for sharing!

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