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Today I’m sharing some gift ideas for the gardener who has everything. We all have someone like that on our holiday shopping list, they are hard to get anything for because they seem to have it all already. But, I have a few ideas for that person, or anyone who enjoys working in the garden.

Amaryllis Bulb

Gifting someone an Amaryllis bulb is a really fun idea, amaryllis are meant to be planted in the late fall to early winter and willamaryllis-grow-kit bloom during the cold dark winter months. I personally love having flowers or other blooming plants in the house during the winter, it brightens the space and makes me think that winter isn’t so long after all. The gardener in your life will love to get their hands dirty to pot their bulb and then care for the bulb until it’s grown and flowered. Lots of people treat amaryllis as an annual, meaning you need to start fresh each year, but with proper care it is possible to over-summer your bulb and get it to flower again the next winter.

There are lots of different options for amaryllis bulbs to choose from. The most basic is a simple red flower, these are also the ones that will be the least expensive. There are also more ornate amaryllis available and I’ve even seen some that have a wax coating over the bulb so you don’t even need to plant it in soil. Whichever you choose an amaryllis bulb as a gift for a gardener or flower lover is sure to be a hit.

Flower of the Month Subscription

mini-flower-bulb-garden-subscriptionAnother option that I love as a gift idea is a flower of the month subscription, this could be a subscription of cut flowers or a subscription of mini potted flower bulb gardens. This is another great way to add color to your home on those stormy winter days, I just really love fresh flowers in winter.

This option is for three months with the first shipment starting in February. These are lovely spring bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and crocus depending on the month. The first month is sent with a reusable vine basket, meant to be used with subsequent months as they are shipped. Plow and Hearth also has a 6-month subscription option starting in December and lasting through May.

Hand Toolsgarden-hand-tool-set

Hand tools are a great option for any gardener, whether they have been gardening for a long time or are just starting out. The person that’s been gardening for a while might need some new tools that aren’t worn out or maybe you can find something that they don’t have yet. If the gardener in your life is new to gardening getting some useful hand tools to add to their collection will be very helpful. Garden tools are also a fun gift idea for the tiny gardener in your life, kids love to help with whatever you’re doing and providing them with some tools that are their size is a great way to get them involved in gardening with you.

This set of tools from Bootstrap Farmer is a great place to start since it includes several tools, included are both a narrow and wide trowel, a hand cultivator, a hand fork, and a hand weeder. Each tool has a handle that has non-slip rubberized grips and includes blister fighting gel technology. They are made for durability from solid cast aluminum, and the best thing about these hand tools is a Lifetime Warranty is included!

Garden Tool Tote

canvas-garden-tool-toteAfter purchasing hand tools for the gardener in your life, why not get them something to put those tools in?! These canvas tool totes are a great place to store your small hand held garden tools. These sturdy canvas bags come with smaller outside pockets to keep tools organized and a larger central pocket for some of your larger tools. The center could also be used to gather vegetables if it’s empty and you’re out working.

This particular tote found on Amazon has some really great features to it including eight exterior pockets each with an elastic cord at the top to secure your tools in place. The center pocket also features snaps to keep it closed if you are not using it or just want to keep the tools in that pocket from falling out. The one thing I’ve found with the canvas style garden tote is that they are slouchy, and they don’t stand on their own like shown in their pictures. For them to stand upright and not spill their contents they really need something sturdy placed in the bottom to help them hold their shape.
This can be easily fixed with a piece of wood or plastic if you have something available.

Bird Feederssquirrel-resistant-bird-feeder

While bird feeders are not generally thought to be part of a garden, song birds can add so much joy and life to a yard and garden. There are lots of different types of bird feeders as well, if the person you’re buying for already has bird feeders in their yard you can look for something more unique for the birds or squirrels. If they don’t have any feeders already then something simple and basic is a great place to start so they can begin to attract birds.

Hummingbird feeders are also a great option, we always get so excited to see the first hummingbirds arrive in the spring. We continue to feed them throughout the summer, and once hummingbirds know that you will provide a food source for them they will continue to come visit you for years to come.

Mini Greenhouse/Cold Frame

Cold frames are great for extending your growing season if you live in a colder climate. They can also help if you need to acclimatePhi-Villa-pop-up-greenhouse seed starts to being outside. There are lots of options for small cold frames/greenhouses, they can be as simple as small hoop houses with fabric garden cloth and as ornate as wooden framed mini greenhouses to cover a raised bed or small pots. I particularly like the ones that are like this one, I had one similar for a while, I liked it because it was easy to assemble, I could put containers under it, and it was easy to move if I needed to.

This Phi Villa Pop-up Greenhouse has some great design features, the first I would like to point out are the tie downs! Greenhouses that are this style do NOT stand up to the wind. The one I owned took a beating several times and I eventually needed to get rid of it as it was having a hard time standing up. So I urge you when looking for a Greenhouse that is small and light make sure it has tie downs or is designed in a way that you can make something to hold it to the ground yourself. This model also has lots of windows and doors that you can easily open to help keep air moving since the goal is to keep your plants warm and protected, not to cook them.

Gardening Books

Square-Foot-Gardening-by-Mel-BartholomewBooks are another a great option for the gardener who has everything, or any gardener, especially since winter months are spent planning next years garden and thinking about what worked for you the previous year, and maybe what didn’t. Reading doesn’t always happen as much during the summer months since we’re all busy working outside IN the garden, but we can catch up on that reading during the slower winter months.

Mel Bartholomew’s book Square Foot Gardening is a really great option. This book aims at getting you the absolute most out of the space that you have, helping you optimize every square foot available with whatever type of garden you’re growing. This book of Mel’s lays everything out for you in an easy to understand format helping you to either start gardening or to make your current plot more successful.

Decorative Pieceswind-spinner


Finding some decorative pieces for someone to add to their garden is also a great option, I really like wind spinners. There are so many options when looking at wind spinners, size, color, if it’s solar powered, you are sure to come across one that you find attractive to gift to your favorite gardener. My preference is for the simpler spinners like the Blue Vortex metal wind spinner, but there really are so many options out there if your preference if different from mine.


My last idea is another type of yard or garden decorative piece, these are blown glass orbs, generally about 6 inches in diameter. These look very lovely hanging from a small tree in the garden or from a shepherds hook by itself. There are many options and colors to choose from I like the ones that are colors that aren’t always found out in the garden like blues and purples. If you decide not to hang this outside hanging it in front of a sunny window is a great option as well.

What did you Decide on?

As you can see there are still some great gift ideas out there if you’re shopping for the person with everything and I hope I’ve given you some great options to look into. Is there something that I didn’t list that you’ve thought of for the gardener on your list with everything? I’d love to hear what you came up with in the comment section below.

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