Composting is a hot topic these days with all the talk about global climate change and the need to start making big changes as a world right now. One simple way to start making a difference as an individual is to start composting all of your food waste. There are a lot of different composter options out there but I’m going to focus on the tumbling composter that I own, it is super simple to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space if you’re tight on that.

Product: FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 Gallontumbling-composter

Price: $75.99

Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter Overview

After moving into our new home I knew I wanted a composter because I have always composted our food scraps. I chose this tumbler because, lets be honest, I’m a lazy composter and don’t always get around to mixing my compost, and after a year of use I have to say it’s a great little unit. The tumblers are great because you just add some food waste or other things you’d like to compost and give it a couple spins, and that’s it!

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter has dual chambers and a sliding door to open it up and add your food waste. You can have one side full and rotting away while you add new material to the other side. When the compost looks ready it’s easy to just turn upside down and open the door into a box or bucket, then start adding new material to that side while the full side breaks down.

I have found that the size of the composter works well for us, a family of 4, I tend to bring out one kitchen counter bucket per week to the outside compost. The only time it seems to be a little small is during the winter months when it’s cold and the compost isn’t heating up enough to properly break down.

The body of the composter is made of polypropylene that is BPA free and UV inhibited which means that it won’t break down in direct sunlight and also won’t rust like some other models might. The composter’s legs are made of galvanized steel making it corrosion resistant.

composter-making-compostComposting Made Easy & Accessible

As I said above composting with a tumbler is so easy! You don’t need to know much about compost to use a tumbling composter, as long as you don’t add things that won’t break down you will do great. One thing I really like about this tumbling composter is that it’s pretty small and could be used even if you rent an apartment. All you need is a small area to set it up, and it’s movable if you don’t like the original place you put it. I would suggest you don’t put it on a porch or patio if possible, it goes together pretty tightly but it does leak some and if it’s on a porch it has potential to drip and leave some residue .


There are so many pros to this tumbling composter,

  • Makes composting easy
  • Compact design allows for use even if you rent
  • Can make compost in just a few weeks with the right conditions
  • Great price
  • Won’t break down in direct sunlight or corrode in wet weather
  • Dual chambers so you are always making compost
  • Easy to assemble


The one con I have for this composter is the door design. Living in Vermont it gets cold in the winter and the door tends to freeze closed. I had to throw away a couple of small buckets of food waste last winter because I couldn’t get the door open. But I do have a trick for you so that you can get the door of the composter open all year. I decided to put some petroleum jelly along the edges of the door when it warmed up a little, I just added it to the edges of the door and then to the lip that keeps the door closed, once I did that I was able to get the composter open the rest of the year without a problem.

Final Thoughtscomposter-on-Amazon

Overall this is a great composter, it makes composting easy even if you don’t have any composting experience. The

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter is a really great price for what you’re getting, it holds up against the elements and has a small foot print so you can put it just about anywhere.

One other thing it will do that I haven’t touched on is it will save you money on your trash bill, since you’re no longer throwing away your food waste your bags of garbage won’t be as heavy. And if you look at the bigger picture you will also be helping the planet by not adding your food waste to the landfill as it doesn’t break down properly there and adds greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Overall composting is a great thing to start participating in and this composter is a perfect one to start with. Take a look at it here.

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